Controller software download

Note! The new software version requires system version 2.2.0. This page describes how to update the controller system and spreading software simultaneously. If you already have upgraded the system to OS 2.2.0, you need only download and install the software upgrade file named “”.

Notice that all settings and logfiles will be cleared from the controller during the system upgrade.

Software download

To update the Hilltip IceStriker Spreader controller to the latest software version, download both these files by clicking on the names:

File name File type Version Date Software update .zip file 1.3.44 (1.3.42) 03.12.2018 System update .zip file 2.2.0 20.08.2018

Update procedure

Step How to update System and controller software
1 Download the files by clicking on the links above.

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer as your web browser, choose “Save” or “Save file”

2 Unzip both files to your USB stick (For instructions, see below)

– Find the downloaded files on your computer
– Right-click the downloaded .zip files and choose “Extract files…”
– Select your USB memory from the list (Ex.: “My USB”), click OK

3 Make sure that the USB now contains a couple of files and a folder named “updater”:

4 Insert USB to the controller.

5 Shut off the controller and wait more than 5 minutes so that controller enters off mode. You may also disconnect the round cable to make sure controller is properly shut off.
6 Press down the two upper buttons to the left while switching on controller.

7 Hold the two buttons until Maintenance screen is shown, then release the buttons.
8 Wait until the update has been installed.
9 Done!