As winter closes in and it’s time for you to provide your vehicles with RELIABLE road maintenance equipment, you need a team that you can TRUST. When you buy from a HILLTIP Dealer, you get more than high quality Salt Spreaders, Brine Sprayers or Snow Plows. You get a trusted source for genuine Hilltip parts, service and advice. At Hilltip, our promise is that we will ALWAYS be there!

How is your Hilltip Dealer able to do this?

Personal Service

Whether you are out in the field over the phone or at the parts counter in the dealership, you are more than a customer – you are a member of the HILLTIP family! HILLTIP Dealers understand the importance of getting you back on the road as quickly as possible because YOUR BUSINESS MATTERS!

Aftersale Support

Whether it’s spare parts, repairs, routine maintenance or eventual warranty claims, your Hilltip Dealer will keep your equipment in top condition during the WHOLE season. 

Focused Knowledge

Hilltip Dealers are specialized in Hilltip’s sophisticated equipment and are constantly training to ensure they are experienced and knowledgeable on all new products and technological innovations. Whether you have questions on Hilltip equipment or are in need of support to keep it running optimal condition, Hilltip dealers are the ones you can TRUST! Hilltip dealers will help you make the right equipment purchase for your business and be able to assist you with maintenance questions, training, spare parts, service and repairs. When it’s time for you to battle severe winter conditions, pick the one you can trust – Hilltip. At Hilltip, our promise is that we will ALWAYS be there!