De-icing sprayers

Brine Makers & Liquid De-Icing Sprayers for pickup trucks and tractors

The Hilltip SprayStriker™ liquid de-icing equipment is ideal for pickups, trucks and tractors. The de-icing sprayer product line can be used in different configurations when fighting icy roads and walkways.

These effective liquid de-icing sprayers are available in different sizes to match a versatile field of use and to fit a wide range of vehicles. They are equipped with a 2-metre wide spray bar and a hose reel with a handheld spray nozzle. The liquid spreaders are also perfect for the summer for agricultural purposes. In addition, you can enhance cost efficiency by mixing your own brine with the BrineMixx™ brine maker.

Hilltip SprayStriker™ liquid de-icing equipment for pickup trucks and tractors.