Snow plows

V-Ploughs and Straight blade Snowploughs for pickups, tractors and trucks.

V-plows and Straight blade Snow plows for pickups, tractors and trucks. Our snow plows are optimized for all types of snow clearing vehicles. Direct hydraulic and electro hydraulic.The powder-coated snow blade is made of high-strength steel, which is the key to our durable but light snow plow. The cutting edge is adjustable and the trip edge is in two segments, giving the best snow plow protection on the market. The cutting edges are available in polyurethane or high-strength steel. Snow ploughs for pick-ups and trucks are always standard with integrated 12V or 24V electro-hydraulic power pack. The Hilltip Snowplow wide range will take productivity to a whole new level when fighting the winter with it variety of V-snowplows and straight blades plows. Our snowplows are designed and tested in harsh winter conditions as we have winter 7 month out of the year!, we truly have know-how in snow removal technology.

5 sizes

Pickup V-Plow
SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 VP

5 sizes

Pickup Straight blade
SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 SP

5 sizes

UTV V-Plow
SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 VUTV

5 sizes

UTV Straight blade
SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 SUTV

SnowStriker V-plow for tractors

5 sizes

Tractor V-Plow
SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 VTR

SnowStriker Straight blade for tractors

5 sizes

Tractor Straight blade
SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 STR

SnowStriker Straight blade for trucks

3 sizes

Truck plow
SnowStriker™ 2600-3200 SML/VML