HillTip HTrack™ tracking system

Online 2-way GPRS tracking system


The HillTip HTrack™ tracking system is compatible with all models of IceStriker™, SprayStriker™ and SnowStriker™. With the tracking software you can track and manage all of your spreading devices and snowplows online on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


The HTrack™ tracking system provides a 2-way GPRS communication channel, as it informs the driver what sites to treat during operations. Application rates can be remotely set for each client’s site according to weather conditions, enabling the driver to concentrate on completing the operation as quickly and safely as possible.

Keep track of your expenses and get de-icing performance evidence for slip and fall injury claims with HTrack™!
tracking system
Detailed reports of ice control activities with HTrack™
tracking system
HTrack™ allows users to create work sites for their clients areas. They can see exactly the size of the area being treated and the amount of material needed.
tracking system
Pop up on the controller screen when spreader reaches a preset work site.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Track your devices in real-time or between specific time intervals:
    • Show treatment route on map
    • Show spreading route details such as speed, GPS location and material used
    • Show one, multiple or all of your connected spreaders
  • Download session reports
  • You can preset desired application rate for all your spreaders for specific work sites.
  • HTrack™ pre-calculate your salt used /call-out.
  • HTrack™ automatically recognizes when spreader reaching a pre-setted work site.
  • You can change application rate on hundreds of spreaders in a few seconds!
  • All tracking data is collected under specific work sites, for easy reporting.


  • The industry’s only 2-way GPRS capable tracking software that allows communication between your smart phone/tablet/computer and your StrikeSmart™ controller.
  • User friendly interface allows application rates to be remotely set and adjusted in real time for each customer site depending on weather conditions.
  • HTrack™ assists in route optimizations and resource allocations for increased operational efficiency and profitability.
  • Reports of spreading material used, daily, monthly etc. by specific customers.
  • Detailed documentation of ice control activities at individual customer locations that provides additional evidence if legal action should become necessary.


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