Sand & Salt Spreaders

Hilltip IceStriker™ sand and salt spreaders for pickups, trucks and tractors.

The Hilltip IceStriker™ sand and salt spreaders, perfect for pickups, trucks and tractors, are available with a 12V or 24V electric drive. These Hilltip spreaders, equipped with a dual-wall poly hopper, offer options for a pre-wet kit and a spray bar, ensuring optimal liquid de-icing. All our sand and salt spreaders are also available in a range of spreaders and gritters for trailers.

The poly hopper, made in HD polyethylene and parts in stainless steel, provides the spreaders with long-lasting protection against corrosion and rust. And to further enhance your spreading experience, these Hilltip gritters and salt sprayers are compatible with the optional HTrack™ tracking software. With HTrack™, you can track and manage all your spreading devices online on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The innovative software shows treatment routes and detailed spreading details on the map in real-time or between specific time intervals.

Hilltip IceStriker™ Sand & Salt Spreaders