In Finland we have had a strong winter starting in November and it seems to continue strongly the entire March and half of April. This morning most roads needed to be plowed and treated for ice. This is the reality of the winters, you never know when it comes or how it will become. What we do know, is that there will always be winter conditions all over Europe, some year milder, some year colder and with more snow.

The sales of HillTip products on the European market increased again another 30% during the past winter season. That wouldn’t have happened without the support and efforts from our dealers and customers! We are thankful for your continued commitment to our products.

HillTip will continue on the path of developing new features for current products and new products that will help the contractors to become more cost effective.

Factory Expansion

We are happy to announce the expansion of our factory. The expansion is 2200m² and will ensure better lead times & increased production capacity, more cost efficient production and better quality control with the growing demand on our product line. We are sure that this is just a part expansion of what will come in the next few years as we plan to have continued growth as before.

We are more than doubling the manufacturing space by adding:

  1. Powder painting in-house, which gives us more flexibility and efficiency
  2. Acid processing area in-house for stainless steel parts on spreaders, to ensure flexibility and improved quality on the stainless steel parts.
  3. New welding department, Separated areas for black iron and stainless steel. This ensures better quality on stainless steel
  4. CNC-Machining in-house, flexibility of machined parts in-house gives us improved delivery times.
  5. The current fabrication area will only host assembly of snowplows, spreaders, sweepers and power units once expansion is ready in June / July.

We will shortly be informing about new products coming for season 2018/19, stay tuned.

We would also like to hear your thoughts of how the still ongoing winter-season has been for you, and how we can improve our products and services for you the next winter season. Please, fill in the Contact form or Get a quote!

Frank Mäenpää

Co-founder, Sales Manager

Ongoing factory expansion