Snow plows are indispensable tools in maintaining safety and accessibility, designed to clear away snow and ice effectively. Understanding the different types of snow plows and their features is crucial for making informed decisions in snow removal.

Common Snow Plow Types

The straight-blade plow is a simple, straight-edged blade that efficiently moves snow to the side. This type is suitable for various applications and is compatible with trucks, tractors, and UTVs.

V-plows are versatile and efficient, forming a V-shape for better maneuverability and precision. This design is particularly useful for handling varying snow depths and obstacles.

Key Features to Look For

When selecting a snow plow, certain features enhance performance and durability. Look for adjustable blade angles, sturdy construction, and ease of attachment. Hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems for blade control and compatibility with various vehicles are also crucial considerations. If the blade will be used with a pickup, choosing a blade with a lightweight construction is important.

Hilltip’s SnowStriker™ Products

The Hilltip SnowStriker™ snow plows for pickups, UTVs, tractors, and trucks are optimised for all snow-clearing vehicles. Direct hydraulic and electro-hydraulic.

Hilltip’s plows for pickups and trucks always come standard with an integrated 12V or 24V electro-hydraulic power pack.

Straight blade plows:

  • SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 SP pickups trucks, light trucks, and SUVs
  • SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 SUTV for UTVs
  • SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 STR for compact tractors and loaders
  • SnowStriker™ 2600-3000 SML for trucks and municipal machines


  • SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 VP for pickups and light trucks
  • SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 VUTV for UTVs
  • SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 VTR for tractors and loaders
  • SnowStriker™ 2600-3200 VML for trucks and municipal machines

The plows are equipped with features such as:

  • Tilt angle: A blade that tilts and oscillates while plowing on uneven ground for a cleaner scrape.
  • Adjustable attacking angle: Adjust the attack angle according to plowing surface and weather conditions.
  • Cutting edge: Two or three-segmented cutting edge with trip springs protects the plow and vehicle from impact when hitting obstacles.
  • Down Pressure System: By applying a temporary downward force, this advanced feature allows for better scraping efficiency and cleaner clearing results.
  • Lightweight Construction: Hilltip’s plows are designed with lightweight materials without compromising strength. This reduces fuel consumption and wear on the vehicle.

Which One Should I Choose?

Selecting the right snow plow from Hilltip’s SnowStriker™ range requires considering various factors like flexibility, snow amounts, price, and desired snow movement method.

For Light to Moderate Snow: If you’re dealing with light to moderate snowfall, a straight blade plow like the SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 SP or SUTV is a cost-effective and straightforward choice. These plows are perfect for clearing driveways, small parking lots, or residential streets. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to maneuver and less taxing on your vehicle.

For Heavy and Varied Snow Conditions: In regions experiencing heavy and diverse snow conditions, the V-plow models (like the SnowStriker™ 1650-2600 VP or VML) offer greater flexibility. The V-shaped design efficiently cuts through deep snow and navigates around obstacles, making them ideal for commercial and municipal use. They can push snow to the side or move it around, offering versatility in snow management.

For Uneven Terrain: All our plows have a down pressure system suitable for areas with uneven terrain. The ability to apply downward force ensures a cleaner and more efficient snow-clearing process, especially where ice layers form irregularly.

Price Considerations: Budget is an important factor. Straight-blade plows are generally more affordable and offer excellent value for lighter snow removal tasks. With their added versatility and strength, V-ploughs are a higher investment but provide better performance in challenging conditions.

Ultimately, the choice depends on the specific needs of your environment and operations. Investing in a V-plough might be the most beneficial for those regularly dealing with diverse and challenging snow conditions despite the higher upfront cost. A straight-blade plow offers efficiency and value for lighter, more straightforward tasks. Remember, the right tool makes the job easier and ensures safety and effectiveness in snow management.

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